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eBook Maestro FREE 1.80

Free Ebook maker program with many wizards that create many of ebook styles
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In this age where many and many things are electronic (cash, invoices, music, etc) and with an increased environmental culture of waste management and recycling, it is no surprise that new programs, methods, and operations tend to take care of the planet, reduce cost, and increase the way information flows around the planet.

One example of all the above are the "Ebooks". This word has two meanings. One is for a device capable of displaying texts and images in digital formats without the need of paper. Such devices normally have big screens, where users can read comfortably by making fonts or images bigger. The second meaning refers to the digital files, in which a book can be transcribed, so, in that way, there is no need for paper or to carry a book, even a pocket book, in your pocket.

Many new devices are using these new files, and in the same place a person used to carry a pocket book, now he can carry a whole library.

I think I already went to deep explaining what an ebook is, but I think it was necessary in order to talk about this program.

Ebook Maestro is a program that creates such "ebook" files. From a normal text written in a word processor, whole books can be translated into reasonable small size files which can be read by mobile phones or PDA's.

There are many books already transcribed into digital formats (word, works, star office formats), but yet, they are still uncomfortable when read by a mobile device. If you have tried to read a pdf file or a word file in your pocket pc, you'll understand what I mean. The advantage of ebooks is that, no matter if you make the letters smaller or bigger, the program adjusts the amount of lines per page to display. This means: small letters = many lines per screen, bigger letters = less lines per screen.

With Ebook Maestro, the user has many options to create an ebook file, because it includes many ways of creating them:

Plain EBook with a Sliding Ad Rotator
Plain EBook without the Left Panel
Fine EBook
Fine EBook (Shadowed)
TreeView - Book.- with a user-friendly, hierarchical, Table of Contents.
Gallery with Slide Show.- Creates a Gallery with Slide Show options.
Gallery with Thumbnails. - Makes a Gallery with Thumbnails.

The program has many wizards that will help the user to make ebooks with few clicks. It is compatible with many other applications such as flash, java or video files, among others. Can protect the content of the ebook and can add trial limitations. It can be a very powerful tool if the user dedicates it enough time to learn it.

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  • It has many possiblities, it is free and the purchase versions are not expensive,


  • The user may take a while learning to work with it. The how-tos are available online only


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